About us

There's not much to say about 'us'; I just find Sacred Scripture beautiful, once you get to know it.
I want to help you get to know it, too, to help you grow closer to God, through a deeper understanding of His Word.

I hope it helps.

I'm not trained in the Faith at all. I've no theology degree, nothing to prove my worth. There is no reason why you should listen to me. I struggle with teaching bible studies, because there is no reason why I should or can do this. I admit I'm well read and I know a lot of things, and I assume I ought to share all of the things with others. I'll just trust God as far as this goes.

As this is just bible blog and not an academic work, I don't reference my sources, and I use a lot of sources; such would be tedious mainly to you the reader. Almost all of the information in every essay is, however, derived from Catholic sources and is not my own interpretation. These sources range from the patristic to the very modern and do not fall into any particular category (e.g., traditional vs progressive); we use anything and everything that helps us with understanding the scriptural texts. If I had to say, I'd say the flavor of this blog is of the canonical exegetical type.

All scriptural texts are taken from The Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition, which is copyright (1965, 1966, 2006) by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America.

If you came here looking for the old iScripture.org bible app, I am sorry to say that it was retired in 2011 (see information HERE). That app and that developer (Jon S) are not associated with this site.