EPHESIANS footnotes

1:1 To the saints who are: The addition “at Ephesus” is doubtful. The letter may have been a form of encyclical.
1:1 Other ancient authorities read who are at Ephesus and faithful
1:5 Or before him in love, having destined us
1:10 to unite: Or, “to sum up.” This is one of the chief themes of the letter. Men are to be under Christ as head of the Mystical Body, and even irrational creatures must be in some way under him as the cornerstone of creation.
1:15 Other ancient authorities omit your love

2:14 dividing wall: A metaphor taken from the wall that divided the court of the Gentiles from the court of the Israelites in the temple.

3:3 the mystery: i.e., that the Gentiles were to be admitted to the church on the basis of equality.
3:9 Or by
3:13 Or I ask that I may not

5:14 Apparently a fragment of an early Christian hymn; cf. 1 Tim 3.16.

6:6 Or slaves